We reach the stakeholders that matter most to you with communications targeted to each audience's level of project understanding and technical expertise.

Our in-depth experience in the energy and environment sectors enables us to quickly assimilate large volumes of highly complex and technical information and create easy to understand communications that reach your intended audiences.

We have been leading communications campaigns for energy, environmental and sustainability initiatives for almost three decades. Our work has included assisting in educating and alleviating concerns of neighbors on Brownfields and Superfund cleanup and reuse projects; gaining widespread support for the largest electric transmission projects in the U.S.; introducing clean tech start-ups to potential investors, research partners and customers; and bringing local, national and international attention to sustainability initiatives and energy and environmental technologies and services.

Conover + Gould is a company with integrity and commitment to all their customers’ needs. They understand the environmental and energy industry and are in tune with what we want to do. We feel more like we’re a business partner with them, rather than just a vendor-client relationship.
— Kathleen DeVito Conservation Services Group

Healthcare and Health IT

We know how to work with industry experts, scientists, regulators, policymakers and reporters to translate, explain and engage stakeholders on healthcare matters.

We have worked in and around healthcare issues for over two decades. We have helped shape public policy and regulations at both the state and federal level because we know how to translate complex scientific and medical issues and convey our clients' messages in a way that matters and achieves results. From pharma to health IT to healthcare reform to quality improvement issues, we've driven front-page coverage of key issues. With our deep knowledge of this highly regulated, high-profile field and our long-standing relationships with industry reporters, we have been able to create successful campaigns to reach physicians, policy makers and consumers alike.

Siting and Permitting

Our strategic community outreach programs expedite projects by thoughtfully addressing community questions, concerns and priorities.

Early dialogue and engagement with project stakeholders is essential to project success. Honest, transparent and proactive communication can address public concerns early in the process and expedite the approval and permitting process, helping projects finish on time and on budget. We are experts at working with siting teams to develop and implement communication programs that provide coordinated support for stakeholder engagement, community outreach and education, public affairs, government relations, permitting and licensing, and media relations.

Our projects have included all phases of projects - from siting and permitting through construction and restoration - and all levels of stakeholder and public involvement - ranging from information and education to working groups, structured dialogue, and consensus building. Our communications programs emphasize progress toward goals in the public interest and often go beyond mandated public involvement developing and implementing communications plans that help build productive working relationships among diverse stakeholders.

Compared to other PR/strategic communications firms, we looked to C+G as integral members of our siting teams, contributing their extensive knowledge and experience with the siting and permitting process, regulatory challenges, stakeholder engagement and public education.
— Ron Gillooly, National Grid


Ninety-five percent of consumers live outside the U.S., and many of their economies are growing faster than that of the U.S.  These are two good reasons to consider starting or expanding your global reach.

Whether B2B, B2C, B2G (Government), or B2E (Everyone), we can help you research, plan and execute your way to new opportunities worldwide.  Our senior team members have vast experience helping companies go global. We are so passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed that we've written books to assist them.  Click here to access the 2016 edition of A Basic Guide to Exporting. There's also a book about companies like yours who compete and win in the global marketplace.  Click here to learn more.


Knowledge Management

Many organizations have deep knowledge and expertise particular to their work.  The paradox is that they are often not accessible by others in the organization or by clients.

Sometimes knowledge walks out the door when staff members leave.  But mostly a lonely treasure trove resides on computer disc drives, in saved but ignored emails, and in other media where it remains underutilized, or has no utility at all.

Knowledge ignored or lost is a staggering loss to the business.   C+G can help you identify, store, share and disseminate your intellectual capital.  We can help integrate knowledge with business processes to improve client service and results.   We can help turn knowledge into content, market that content, and convert it into tangibles such as thought leadership, cost savings, better client outcomes, and increased sales or satisfaction.  There aren't any off the shelf solutions for improved knowledge management, and even existing IT tools have to be customized to assist in this effort.

We look forward to getting to know your knowledge management needs and challenges, and to help with this dimension of change management that will boost productivity and effectiveness.  Our senior experts will work closely with your senior management and staff to design an effective knowledge management plan, whether your organization is small and local, or large and global.


Corporate Communications

Whether it's B2B, B2C, or B2G, our team knows how to provide strategic communications services that advance your business goals.

We build strategic communications campaigns that integrate with and support overall sales and marketing initiatives, build brand identity and reputation, strengthen relationships with key stakeholder audiences and enhance corporate social responsibility programs.

We've worked with a wide range of companies and business coalitions across many different industries including insurance and employee benefits companies; law firms; industrial manufacturers; global retailers; and consumer brands and packaged goods.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, human rights, social justice and sustainability issues have been the major focus of our experience and work for three decades. We have worked on social justice issues to ensure that socially and economically disadvantaged residents have equal access to information and opportunities to voice their questions and concerns and have meaningful input into projects and programs; prepared corporate social responsibility reports that are reader-friendly for client customers, employees and vendors; helped clients develop and communicate about their energy efficiency and environmental conservation programs; and forged partnerships between clients and non-profits.

Conover + Gould helped us successfully manage and grow a new national campaign designed to recognize and reward members of a key stakeholder audience and advance brand awareness and corporate reputation. Their creative ideas, targeted messaging and engagement strategies resulted in a more than 300 percent increase in participation and significantly broader and deeper demographic and geographic exposure.
— Chris Graff, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Government Relations, National Life Group

Government Affairs

We help our clients stay on top of the issues, lead the conversation and make their voices heard in the appropriate tone and context.


Regardless of your business, industry, product or cause, changes in legislation, government regulation or public policy can impact your company's interests. We have decades of experience working with federal, state, and municipal government agencies, providing a broad range of services. Our senior staff have served "on the other side," campaigning, governing and working as staff for members of Congress, state legislators and local and municipal officials. This gives us an insight into and understanding of the pressures and public scrutiny that policymakers are under, the decisions they have to make, and the importance of those decisions.

Our media strategists are also skilled at thinking from the perspective of reporters. Having a sensitivity to the intricacies of both the legislative and media processes means that we are able to successfully advance our clients' strategic objectives.

Whether you want a proposed bill to become law or need an agency to approve a permit for a construction project, our team can help you navigate the government sphere and achieve the outcome you are seeking.

Education and Non-Profit

To do good, nonprofits must communicate well in order to build strong relationships and solid reputations based on trust, transparency and results.

Today's nonprofits mean business. They face all the same challenges as their corporate counterparts but often with fewer internal resources and greater public scrutiny. We've helped major universities, public and charter schools, youth organizations, social service agencies and foundations advance their missions, protect their interests, and make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Our work has included communications strategy and planning for a hands-on environmental education program for urban youth; issues management for schools and youth organizations; national recognition and reward programs for educators; ballot and advocacy campaigns to secure and preserve funding for critical programs and services; and hands-on crisis communication management to protect reputation and ensure long-term institutional viability.

Kevin Gould of Conover + Gould Strategic Communications has been a valued strategic communications consultant to RIQI, helping us raise awareness of our mission, market our programs and services, and tell compelling stories about our successes. His institutional knowledge of our organization and understanding of our key issues and stakeholders make him a trusted communications advisor and partner.
— Laura Adams, President and CEO, Rhode Island Quality Institute