Healthcare & Health IT

As healthcare becomes increasingly complex, it's essential to have a partner who understands the issues and knows how to convey your message effectively and with purpose. Our work has increased public awareness and understanding of important public health issues, shaped policy and regulations, and introduced new products and services to the marketplace. We have a strong record of success working with providers, big pharma, patient advocacy groups, Health IT start-ups, insurance carriers, state agencies, NGO’s and others to engage diverse audiences on important healthcare matters and achieve desired outcomes.

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What's the purpose of communications strategies and tactics if they don't align with your corporate mission, values, and business goals? We understand the work we do needs to integrate with sales and marketing initiatives, regardless of the industry you're in. At C+G, we build campaigns that build brand identity, protect and enhance reputation, and strengthen relationships.



For over three decades, we've been developing and executing targeted, straightforward marketing and communications programs for a broad range of clients involved in environment and sustainability. From introducing clean tech start-ups to potential investors, research partners, distributors and customers; to engaging and educating the public on brownfields and superfund cleanup and reuse projects, to helping companies institute sustainability practices and programs; to writing grant proposals and reports for funders for major environmental initiatives – we reach and motivate the audiences that matter most to you.


Our team members have spent decades working in the energy field, enabling us to understand and bring important insights to our clients’ businesses and the historic changes taking place in the energy sector. From renewable energy developers and transmission and distribution system operators, to new grid modernization technology companies, we have helped clients plan, manage and conduct effective education, marketing and communications programs that help advance their businesses and interests.

Real Estate

Working closely with our clients’ internal and external project teams, we have educated stakeholders about project needs, benefits and impacts; opened productive channels of communication to address wide-ranging public concerns; helped projects stay on schedule and on budget, and marketed developments to target audiences while also enhancing our clients’ reputations within their communities. Our team members have backgrounds in planning, engineering, government, political campaigns, economic development, stakeholder engagement, community relations, marketing and public relations, enabling us to contribute valuable insights and services to our clients.


Many institutions of higher learning face recruitment,brand awareness and positioning issues. The need to engage effectively and efficiently with prospective and enrolled students, alumni, parents, and local and global communities is a constant, but the strategies for success are ever evolving. Our team has helped domestic and international colleges and charter schools develop and execute targeted communications programs for admissions, advancement and alumni relations. We have developed and led crisis management and communications response plans. We have also helped an international university create and run a global foundation, raising money to fund humanitarian aid, peace and reconciliation, education and training programs for out of school youth and women’s empowerment programs.

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Today's nonprofits mean business - they face the same challenges as their corporate counterparts, but often with fewer internal resources and greater public scrutiny. We've helped youth organizations, foundations, and large and small social service agencies advance their missions, protect their interests, and make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

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Increasingly, opportunities for businesses—and competitors—can be found throughout the world. That’s why we offer counseling and planning to help organizations of all sizes go global. Whether it’s making a website more inviting to international buyers, answering complex questions on European Union data privacy policy, or identifying the best international trade shows in Germany, we can add substantial value to your efforts to expand globally. Likewise, we can help businesses operate successfully in North America by conducting market research; finding and vetting sales representatives, distributors, manufacturers, partners and investors and other professional service consultants; and developing and executing marketing communications programs.


Need to communicate more effectively and build productive relationships with key target audiences stakeholders? That’s been our sweet spot for 30 years.

Looking for fresh ideas to retain customers and add new ones? We can help.

Our capabilities are broad and deep, and we offer a robust scope of services. But thoughtful strategies and successful management plans can’t be created by a checklist of services. Let’s have a no-obligation conversation about your mission, values and goals. If there’s a fit and a need for our services and expertise, then by all means, let’s proceed. If there’s not, we’ll say so and use our industry network to help you find the right partner to meet your needs and achieve success.

Conover + Gould is a company with integrity and commitment to all their customers’ needs. They understand the environmental and energy industry and are in tune with what we want to do. We feel more like we’re a business partner with them, rather than just a vendor-client relationship.
— Kathleen DeVito, Conservation Services Group