Arnold has over 35 years electric utility experience, formerly working for the New England Electric System. His area of expertise covers commercial and industrial business services. He was a senior account manager for The Narragansett Electric Company for the downtown Providence network area for several years, having responsibility for many of the utility's largest customers.

Later, he gained experience on a team that developed energy conservation and load management programs for the New England Power Service Company in Westborough, MA. He managed the implementation of a residential solar water-heating project that included the installation of 100 solar systems of various types over a three state area. He also worked with customers on a solar photovoltaic project that installed rooftop systems on 20 homes and 5 businesses in Gardner, MA.

Arnold is presently working with Stakeholder Relations on NGRID's NEEWS Project, a large 345 kV transmission line construction project. He joined the project in the early planning stages, and continues to work with both residential and commercial abutters along the transmission corridor to resolve issues related to the construction process. He holds an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering from Merrimack College and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Roger Williams University.