Doug Barry Discussing United States’ Dealings With China, North Korea, And Russia

Doug Barry sat down with Michigan State University professor Tomas Hult to give his insights on the brewing trade war with China, the United States' meeting with North Korea, and Robert Mueller's Russia probe. Podcast published on Michigan Business Network in June 2018.

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United States' Trade Agenda

Doug Barry sat down with Michigan State University professor Tomas Hult to discuss the United States' trade policy under the current administration. Podcast published on Michigan Business Network in June 2018.

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How to Create a Successful Consulting Company: Learn to Listen

Heather Conover and Doug Barry sat down with Webport Global to discuss how to create a successful strategic communications and strategy consulting company. Blog article published on April 19, 2016.

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How to Create a Micro multinational Business

Did you know that small businesses can become micro multinationals? Doug Barry explains how in Vol. 16, No. 4 of Enterprising Women magazine published on December 2015.

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Interview- Sources of Help for the Export Business

Our Vice President, Doug Barry, was interviewed by the e-commerce platform, Webport Global. He discussed current economic trends, including the strength of the U.S. dollar. He also described some of the free and low cost assistance available for U.S. exporters, particularly smaller companies.

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Take a Time Out - The Crisis Manager's Key to Successful Project Siting

Project siting is a growing and increasingly important area of crisis management practice. Public relations professionals with crisis management experience are becoming essential members of project siting and permitting teams alongside developers, general contractors, architects, engineers, and lawyers.

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Siting a Greener, Smarter Electric System

The term "clean energy" is increasingly becoming part of the daily lexicon of business and government throughout the New England region and across the nation. An article by Heather Conover, Mary Harman and Lydia Pastuszek.

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Best Practices - Building Consensus for Your Project, Part 1

Part 1: Building internal consensus among the team When marketing and public relations professionals think of consensus building in the realm of real estate development, they most often think of the "public" face of approvals. How can you address local abutters' concerns effectively and at low cost? How can you stave off any groundswell of opposition to a project from neighborhood groups, environmental groups, smart-growth groups, anti-tax groups, or others? How can you help your client make it through the often contentious and painful public permitting process?

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Best Practices - Building Consensus for Your Project, Part 2

Throughout the country, development projects - both large and small - are being slowed or derailed. The public increasingly wants and demands a meaningful, and sometimes substantial, say in what happens in their communities. Stakeholders have become increasingly sophisticated in their ability to communicate their message and mobilize support for their cause.

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Best Practices - Building Consensus not Conflict as a Marketing Strategy, Part 3

O.K., so you are ready to enter the permitting process. After months (or years) of risk-taking, investment, and hard work, you are moving forward for final approvals. You know the permitting process might be just another step. On the other hand, it may be the one hill you won't be able to get over. Angry publics, overzealous officials, too many exactions, and unintended procedural mistakes  -  you are understandably nervous.

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Best Practices - Building (and Maintaining) Consensus as a Marketing Strategy, Part 4

Many developers believe that, when they reach the construction phase of a project, they are "home free" and can loosen - or lose - what they view as the shackles of public involvement. Initiatives and processes put in place to engage stakeholders and build consensus in the early phases of the development project are too often abandoned at the first opportunity. Yet, developers can - and often do - continue to face problems during the construction phase, and just as importantly, they have opportunities to create goodwill that can help them with the marketing of their current project and with future projects.

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Breaking Five Myths of NIMBY

We've found that if your team believes in all or even a few of these myths, you're less likely to succeed. Even if you manage to obtain your approvals - which you may not - you will likely face a long and arduous road.

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Radio Interview

Our Senior Consultant, Lydia Pastuszek, was interviewed on Energy This Week hosted by Vincent DeVito and Chris Noonan of the Institute for Energy & Sustainability, which aired on WCRN 830 AM News & TalkRadio. She discussed ways to connect customers to the emerging energy and sustainability markets.

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