Holiday Giving: DC Greens

The Conover + Gould team will be donating to eleven nonprofits in the spirit of giving back during the holiday season. During the month of December, each team member will be blogging about his or her chosen nonprofit. For her gift, Lindsay chose DC Greens.

When I moved to D.C. three years ago, I was surprised to learn the city has some of the highest inequality rates in the country.  Many longtime D.C. families are struggling with rising housing costs, stagnant wages, a higher cost of living, and increasingly, food insecurity. Studies suggest one in eight district residents can’t find affordable, healthy food in their neighborhoods.

While there are no easy solutions to these problems, many local organizations are tackling the multidimensional causes of poverty in cooperative, creative ways. One of these groups is DC Greens, a local non-profit founded in 2009 that works to improve food justice in the city.

With garden training programs for teachers and students, D.C Greens instills values of sustainability while making healthy foodways more accessible to residents. The School Garden Markets program, for instance, helps students at six schools build their own community gardens, where they grow and sell their own vegetables for profit. Last year, students made a collective $4,200 that they will reinvest in their gardens.

D.C. Greens also reaches out to marginalized communities. Partnering with a local health clinic, the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program provided grants to 25 families so they could buy fresh fruit and vegetables. At their Farmer’s Market, DC Greens also matches federal aid benefits such as SNAP and WIC to ensure all families have access to healthy diets.

At the intersection of education, sustainability and poverty reduction, DC Greens is doing some amazing work to improve the lives of families across the District. I can’t think of a better organization that deserves this recognition, and I wish it all the success as it continues to grow!

To donate to this cause, please click here.