Holiday Giving: Heifer International

The Conover + Gould team will be donating to eleven nonprofits in the spirit of giving back during the holiday season. During the month of December, each team member will be blogging about his or her chosen nonprofit. For his gift, Jon chose Heifer International.

For 70 years, Heifer International’s mission has been to end world hunger and poverty. In more than 125 countries, Heifer partners with communities to bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas stricken by poverty. Families are provided with training and the resources, whether seeds or livestock to help secure a stable food supply and a reliable income. Agriculture products such as milks, eggs and honey are then traded or sold in the market.

Heifer’s core model is Passing the Gift. When families have successfully established their projects or completed training, and have become self-sufficient, they pass along their knowledge or become donors themselves. In the case of livestock, a family passes on the first female offspring to another family, who subsequently will share the fruits of their labor with others.

Heifer believes in providing its partners with the resources, tools and knowledge to become self-sufficient over the long-term. The nonprofit educates its partners to use best practices that benefit the health and welfare of livestock, improve the environment, and foster the equal participation of both women and men in building a better world.

I have chosen Heifer International in order to support their mission of lifting families out of poverty and fighting to end world hunger. Click here to donate to Heifer International.