Nonprofit Spotlight: “e”-inc.

Each year we make a commitment to donate time, expertise and resources to nonprofit organizations because as a company, and as individuals, we believe it is important to give back to the local communities in which we work, as well as to the broader global community. This monthly blog series will shine the spotlight on some of the nonprofits that we admire and to kick it off, we would like to highlight the excellent work of “e” inc.

Founded in 2002 in Boston, Massachusetts, their purpose is to foster a deep understanding of environmental protection, natural resources, and sustainability in both children and adults. They have expanded exponentially to teaching 1,500 children and teens per year and work solely in under-resourced areas.

“e” inc. is an environment science learning and action center that provides children, teens and adults with a scientific understanding of the earth’s natural resources, biomes, and beings along with the skills needed to protect the planet and live sustainably.

Their school and after-school programs use experience-based learning where students gain enhanced science knowledge and skills as investigators and problem-solvers through pairing science skills and action changes. One of their after-school programs, called Planet Protectors, has over 14 after-school and summer sites in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. These programs use one of eight award-winning Science and How To Take Action curricula.

Their newest four-year program is The Kids Green Their Schools, which brings student-initiated conversation to third through fifth grade in public schools. This program has placed students front and center in the action portion of the program, promoting them to be the sustainability leaders of their school.

Their next project is the Earth Act! Discovery Museum in Charleston Navy Yard. The museum will be dedicated to teaching the public about science and community engagement. You can visit their website and follow them on their Facebook or Twitter for more information about the fantastic work they do in the community.