Holiday Giving: DC Greens

The Conover + Gould team will be donating to ten causes in the spirit of giving back during the holiday season. During December and January, each team member will be blogging about their chosen nonprofit. For his gift, Jon chose DC Greens.

According to the 2014 US Department of Agriculture Household Food Security in the United States survey, the occupants of 13.2% of households in the District of Columbia didn’t have enough to eat. The survey found that households with incomes near or below the Federal poverty line suffer from the highest rates of food insecurity. People living in food insecure homes skip meals, are more likely to suffer from obesity and other health issues stemming from the consumption of poor quality food, and experience longer and deeper bouts of hunger.

DC Greens is a nonprofit that started out as a farmer’s market serving fresh fruit and vegetable to neighborhood children. DC Greens now works with other DC nonprofits, schools, farmer’s markets, the local government and other partners to improve at-risk children’s and families’ access to fresh food. The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program, launched in 2012, now serves 200 DC residents, and also provides valuable data on the benefits of bringing healthy food to families.

DC Greens works with more than 50 teachers in schools across the District to integrate food education and garden science into existing curriculum. In the Cooking Corps program, undergraduate and graduate student interns lead hands-on cooking demonstrations with students from third through eighth grades. DC Greens also serves as the state lead of the National Farm to School Network, which convenes stakeholders from the classroom, cafeteria, farm and garden to identify challenges and find solutions for how best serve their communities.

I chose DC Greens to help support its mission to fight hunger, improve access to high quality food, and its collaborative approach to educating others about the benefits of eating well.