We reach the stakeholders that matter most to you with communications targeted to each audience's level of project understanding and technical expertise.

Our in-depth experience in the energy and environment sectors enables us to quickly assimilate large volumes of highly complex and technical information and create easy to understand communications that reach your intended audiences.

We have been leading communications campaigns for energy, environmental and sustainability initiatives for almost three decades. Our work has included assisting in educating and alleviating concerns of neighbors on Brownfields and Superfund cleanup and reuse projects; gaining widespread support for the largest electric transmission projects in the U.S.; introducing clean tech start-ups to potential investors, research partners and customers; and bringing local, national and international attention to sustainability initiatives and energy and environmental technologies and services.

Conover + Gould is a company with integrity and commitment to all their customers’ needs. They understand the environmental and energy industry and are in tune with what we want to do. We feel more like we’re a business partner with them, rather than just a vendor-client relationship.
— Kathleen DeVito Conservation Services Group