Government Affairs

We help our clients stay on top of the issues, lead the conversation and make their voices heard in the appropriate tone and context.


Regardless of your business, industry, product or cause, changes in legislation, government regulation or public policy can impact your company's interests. We have decades of experience working with federal, state, and municipal government agencies, providing a broad range of services. Our senior staff have served "on the other side," campaigning, governing and working as staff for members of Congress, state legislators and local and municipal officials. This gives us an insight into and understanding of the pressures and public scrutiny that policymakers are under, the decisions they have to make, and the importance of those decisions.

Our media strategists are also skilled at thinking from the perspective of reporters. Having a sensitivity to the intricacies of both the legislative and media processes means that we are able to successfully advance our clients' strategic objectives.

Whether you want a proposed bill to become law or need an agency to approve a permit for a construction project, our team can help you navigate the government sphere and achieve the outcome you are seeking.