Education and Non-Profit

To do good, nonprofits must communicate well in order to build strong relationships and solid reputations based on trust, transparency and results.

Today's nonprofits mean business. They face all the same challenges as their corporate counterparts but often with fewer internal resources and greater public scrutiny. We've helped major universities, public and charter schools, youth organizations, social service agencies and foundations advance their missions, protect their interests, and make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Our work has included communications strategy and planning for a hands-on environmental education program for urban youth; issues management for schools and youth organizations; national recognition and reward programs for educators; ballot and advocacy campaigns to secure and preserve funding for critical programs and services; and hands-on crisis communication management to protect reputation and ensure long-term institutional viability.

Kevin Gould of Conover + Gould Strategic Communications has been a valued strategic communications consultant to RIQI, helping us raise awareness of our mission, market our programs and services, and tell compelling stories about our successes. His institutional knowledge of our organization and understanding of our key issues and stakeholders make him a trusted communications advisor and partner.
— Laura Adams, President and CEO, Rhode Island Quality Institute