Siting and Permitting

Our strategic community outreach programs expedite projects by thoughtfully addressing community questions, concerns and priorities.

Early dialogue and engagement with project stakeholders is essential to project success. Honest, transparent and proactive communication can address public concerns early in the process and expedite the approval and permitting process, helping projects finish on time and on budget. We are experts at working with siting teams to develop and implement communication programs that provide coordinated support for stakeholder engagement, community outreach and education, public affairs, government relations, permitting and licensing, and media relations.

Our projects have included all phases of projects - from siting and permitting through construction and restoration - and all levels of stakeholder and public involvement - ranging from information and education to working groups, structured dialogue, and consensus building. Our communications programs emphasize progress toward goals in the public interest and often go beyond mandated public involvement developing and implementing communications plans that help build productive working relationships among diverse stakeholders.

Compared to other PR/strategic communications firms, we looked to C+G as integral members of our siting teams, contributing their extensive knowledge and experience with the siting and permitting process, regulatory challenges, stakeholder engagement and public education.
— Ron Gillooly, National Grid