Knowledge Management

Many organizations have deep knowledge and expertise particular to their work.  The paradox is that they are often not accessible by others in the organization or by clients.

Sometimes knowledge walks out the door when staff members leave.  But mostly a lonely treasure trove resides on computer disc drives, in saved but ignored emails, and in other media where it remains underutilized, or has no utility at all.

Knowledge ignored or lost is a staggering loss to the business.   C+G can help you identify, store, share and disseminate your intellectual capital.  We can help integrate knowledge with business processes to improve client service and results.   We can help turn knowledge into content, market that content, and convert it into tangibles such as thought leadership, cost savings, better client outcomes, and increased sales or satisfaction.  There aren't any off the shelf solutions for improved knowledge management, and even existing IT tools have to be customized to assist in this effort.

We look forward to getting to know your knowledge management needs and challenges, and to help with this dimension of change management that will boost productivity and effectiveness.  Our senior experts will work closely with your senior management and staff to design an effective knowledge management plan, whether your organization is small and local, or large and global.