Success Stories

Building Canada-US B2B relationships in renewable energy

C+G conducted business-to-business outreach for Canadian renewable energy companies participating in a trade mission during an industry conference in Boston. C+G researched each Canadian company through a review of company literature, videos and websites, and conducted interviews with company principals to understand the company, including its technology, target market, pricing, sales and distribution channels, size. Based on this information and our knowledge of the marketplace, C+G was able to successfully match technologies with the needs of the Greater Boston and New England market, identify appropriate contacts in business, municipal and institutional sectors. C+G arranged for six to eight meetings and calls for each of the companies visiting the U.S., facilitating numerous valuable contacts for the Canadian and U.S. companies. In addition, C+G arranged for a luncheon panel session with industry experts which enabled participants to gain further insights into the renewable market in Massachusetts and the region. As a result of these meetings, the Canadian companies learned about and, in many cases, were able to capitalize on a number of short-term, as well as long-term opportunities.

Success Stories

Community outreach and education to increase participation in a residential energy-savings program

C+G was hired by a large energy delivery company to plan and execute an extensive community outreach and public education program to support participation in a residential energy savings program. The company had struggled to increase participation in the program as it had already reached the "low-hanging fruit" and found that direct mail was no longer gaining new enrollees. The complexity of the demand supply management program and customers' concerns about comfort during hot summer months were the foremost barriers to participation.

To increase participation, awareness and understanding of the program, C+G targeted stakeholder groups and educated their members or employees about the program. Target groups included, but were not limited to, neighborhood and homeowner associations, municipalities, business groups, environmental groups, community and civic organizations, colleges and houses of worship.

C+G arranged presentations, meetings and tabling events, and designed and distributed both electronic and printed materials, including website content, printed and electronic newsletters, presentation slides and handouts. Additionally, a social media campaign was developed and implemented through existing corporate accounts, particularly Facebook and Twitter, and customized toolkits were created for stakeholder groups, facilitating their ability to share information with their members.

C+G increased enrollment, and heightened awareness and knowledge of the program among potential and current customers. As many residents had a poor understanding of the program, addressing both prospective and current participants' questions and concerns regarding the program not only helped enroll new participants, but also advanced positive customer relations and program retention.

Success Stories

Research and Communication Program Development to Address Workplace Concern

C+G led an effort for one of the largest US employers to address workplace concerns that employees highlighted on annual surveys. First, C+G conducted a communications audit, focus groups and individual interviews with managers and employees at facilities throughout the US to explore the disconnect between information provided to different levels and types of employees. Subsequently, C+G conducted further qualitative research to obtain in-depth information regarding the concerns raised, including facility and region specific issues. In both the first and second phases, C+G compiled comprehensive reports and provided policy and program recommendations.

During its research, C+G found that poor communications between managers and employees contributed significantly to how employees perceive problems. Among its recommendations, C+G proposed communications training and piloted a system of employee/manager roundtables to head off problems before they begin.

C+G's work produced results - uncovering the causes of workplace problems and identifying measures to improve the workplace. Although change will take time in such a large organization, managers embraced the workplace initiatives and understand that their ability to improve employee job satisfaction will help them increase revenue and enhance customer service.

Success Stories

National Communication Campaign for Corporate Social Responsibility Actions from Insurance and Financial Services Industry

C+G worked with a major insurance and financial services company to build a national campaign aimed at recognizing and rewarding teachers and school district employees who were making a positive difference in their communities. C+G built a campaign microsite to highlight nominees and allow their supporters to view and actively support their nomination; developed and executed an aggressive media relations effort and managed all aspects of social media that not only increased participation in the campaign, but also raised awareness of the company's strong values and corporate social responsibility initiatives and increased goodwill toward the brand among key audiences.

Keys to the success of the campaign were a customized, targeted effort to engage diverse stakeholders through multiple channels including social media, email communications and one-on-one conversations, as well as dozens of placements in top local, regional and national media outlets.

Success Stories

Strategic Plan and Media Relations for Improved Reputation of Superfund Site Restoration

C+G provided communication strategy for the restoration of a Superfund site. Before C+G was hired, the companies had for years been receiving a significant amount of negative media coverage and news organizations routinely misconstrued their role with the site, as well as the intricacies of cleanup regulation laws. The coalition of companies who took on this restoration bear the responsibility of the cost and maintenance of the site, despite playing no direct role in polluting the area. In short, there were two "cleanup" jobs at the site: the site itself and the reputation of those who were paying the freight and doing the work.

C+G developed a strategic communications plan, prepared a crisis communications plan, developed a website, media kit and social media presence, and managed day-to-day media relations operations. We also worked with the client and their lawyers to develop messages that clearly stated the law and the reality of the work being done. Positive media coverage resulted from a series of meetings and calls with media outlets to educate them about the facts and update them on developments at the site. Our staff also defended cases where journalists reported inaccurately. With our help, they are now accurately referred to as the "customers" of the former facility rather than the polluters, and are seen as a positive force in site maintenance and in the neighborhood and larger community. Neighbors have told the media that they are impressed by the openness, transparency and ease in obtaining information about activities taking place and planned at the site.

Although it will take decades to clean the pollution left by the former operators, C+G was instrumental in restoring the reputation of those who have spent so much to clean up the mess.

Success Stories

Website Content Redesigned for Greater Clarity and Consistent Branding

C+G was integral to the redesign of a Fortune 500 energy company's website. Not only did C+G rewrite existing website pages and write new web copy to help the company clearly convey information to better communicate with their customers, but C+G also played a key role in project management. With approximately 400 pages to research, organize and write, C+G's experience in the subject matter and project management were critical to meeting the project's ambitious deadlines. In additional to enhancing customer understanding of technical and complex topics, C+G used established brand guidelines to develop content that was consistent in branding and tone across all pages.

Success Stories

National Campaign's Goals Clearly Defined and Resources Secured

C+G has worked with a national campaign for over three years to develop grant proposals for short- and long-term grants from leading educational, energy and environmental philanthropies. Preparing a comprehensive proposal required a hands-on, collaborative approach with the client, research and knowledge of public policy and current events and issues, and an ability to tell a compelling story to potential donors.

The proposals provide a background of the campaign, strategies and tactics, metrics, organizational structure, timeline and a budget. C+G's work with the client resulted in grants from multiple philanthropies, exceeding $17 million annually. C+G also prepares annual reports for individual donors, in addition to biweekly reports. These detail the campaign's activities and successes and have been instrumental in keeping donors informed and engaged, resulting in many of them providing grants year after year.

Success Stories

Strategic Communications for Transforming the Healthcare System

C+G led a strategic messaging campaign to drive awareness of and engagement with a statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) among individual consumers and medical providers. This statewide HIE had transitioned from a design/build phase to providing operational services that were delivering real value to both providers and patients. The problem was that their messaging hadn't changed. So, through a research-based discovery phase, we analyzed and assessed past messages and approaches and created a new messaging platform based on current value and relevance to key audience segments.

C+G created more vibrant, customer focus messages and visual assets, developed strategies to increase communication channel partners and enhance public presence, and designed a new website and collateral materials. The HIE received extremely positive feedback from all key provider and consumer audiences regarding the new campaign and the new messaging and visual appeal of the campaign helped reenergize community partners and increase participation among both providers and consumers.

Success Stories

Connecting with Stakeholders to Secure Approval for Project to Improve Electric Grid

C+G is helping one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world secure approval for proposed 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission lines that will strengthen the interstate transfer of electricity capability among Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and improves electric reliability in all three states.

Working closely with the utility and its consultants and contractors, C+G is helping direct and execute the utility's most extensive stakeholder engagement, community relations and public education program. Our work includes media relations; message development; developing and updating stakeholder lists; organizing meetings for municipal and state government officials; organizing project open houses and public hearings; writing brochures, project newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, FAQs, talking points, and web site content; developing municipal meeting and open house feedback forms and planning working group meetings. The first of two projects is currently nearing completion and on-schedule and the second project has recently been filed with two state Energy Facilities Siting Boards.

Success Stories

Award-Winning Campaign to Promote a Green Pioneer in the Hotel Industry

C+G helped a major metropolitan luxury hotel embark on an unprecedented environmental and energy conservation program to show that the cumulative efforts of a few can make a big difference. The hotel-wide program proved that businesses could be environmentally, as well as economically sound, setting a new standard for the entire hotel industry.

We developed key messaging, direct marketing and public education collateral targeted at guests, conference organizers and vendors, industry stakeholders and the general public. In addition, we created an innovative recyclable press kit that helped generate news stories in a wide variety of national and international media outlets, including Business Week, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, NBC and CNN. A significant number of articles also appeared in major metropolitan dailies and hospitality industry and environmental trade publications.

More than $2 million in sales in meeting rooms at the hotel were realized in the first year as a direct result of the program. Both the hotel and C+G received numerous awards for the environmental program and the marketing of the program, respectively. Conover+Gould received the Best of Show for Public Relations and platinum and gold awards from the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International and a New England Bell Ringer Merit Award from the New England Publicity Club. The program also won the American Lung Association Environmental Health Award and the President's Environment and Conservation Challenge Award.

Success Stories

PR Leadership to Ensure Successful Transition to New Ownership and Brand Identity

C+G led PR strategy, media relations and thought leadership positioning for a national employee benefits advisory firm during the company's transition to new ownership and a highly successful corporate rebranding initiative.

With locations throughout the country, our client partners with large, predominantly Fortune-ranked companies to deliver complete solutions to Life, Disability, Voluntary and other non-medical benefits challenges. We continue to work with this industry leader to raise awareness of the brand, secure earned media placements in high-value trade and mainstream media outlets and position senior executives as thought leaders on key issues related to core areas of expertise.

Success Stories

National Association's Position Defined, Effectively Communicated

C+G developed a successful communications strategy for an association representing chemical recyclers in the reauthorization of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) in the U.S. Congress. We worked closely with lobbyists and an environmental consulting firm to define and communicate the association's waste minimization position to the press, Congress, government officials and businesses.

C+G developed a press engagement strategy, legislative briefing materials and a grassroots lobbying program targeted to key legislators' districts. With the successful implementation of a coordinated campaign, RCRA was reauthorized with language that had been proposed by, and was favorable to, the association's members.

Success Stories

Integrated Communications for Quality Improvement and Healthcare System Transformation

C+G led corporate communications planning, strategy and execution for a statewide collaboration of hospitals, physicians, nurses, health insurers, consumers, business and academia working together to significantly improve health care through a wide range of quality improvement and health IT initiatives.

We developed a series of integrated marketing communications campaigns that included web, video, and print and electronic collateral to effectively raise awareness, brand and market initiatives to key stakeholders, build partnerships, secure passage of groundbreaking legislation and help attract federal funding. Key programs included a statewide health information exchange; Regional Extension Center for physician adoption of electronic medical records; electronic prescribing; and patient-centered medical home initiatives.

Success Stories

A Communications Plan to Promote an Innovative Model of Care for the Elderly

C+G developed a comprehensive communications plan for an organization seeking to be a catalyst for change in the long-term care industry. Building the strategic plan for this state-based affiliate organization of a nationally recognized innovative model of care for the elderly required extensive research and stakeholder interviews, strategy and workshop sessions with senior executives, board members and key staff.

The plan contained a revised message platform based on value statements for key stakeholder segments, extensive recommendations for "must do" activities including detailed website and collateral revisions, media relations, fundraising development, thought leadership activities and an assessment of personnel and budget requirements needed to ensure success.

Success Stories

Rapid and Thorough Crisis Response

C+G served as a trusted advisor to a well-established and highly respected youth organization as its faced accusations of abuse for the first time in its nearly 100 year history. Our team's immediate and focused response and on-call availability over an intense six week period was critical in helping the organization's leadership respond to the allegations in a timely, truthful, and thorough manner.

We quickly formed a subcommittee of leadership staff and board members; researched and evaluated all of the available information related to the allegations; cooperated fully and transparently with local and state law enforcement authorities and regulatory and licensing agencies; identified all individuals and groups requiring outreach and communication and determined specific methods of contact for each; and prepared fact-based messaging and detailed action and communications plans. After a thorough investigation, the allegations were unsubstantiated and subsequently dismissed by authorities. Despite this outcome, the organization was still at great risk of losing its reputation, integrity and financial stability had it not responded quickly, honestly and thoroughly. With our guidance, they did just that and continue to thrive today with the full support of parents, alumni, state agencies, benefactors and other supporters.

Success Stories

Public Outreach to Ensure an Equal Voice for All

We led a comprehensive public outreach effort for U.S. EPA Brownfields Demonstration Pilot that helped ensure socially and economically disadvantaged residents had equal access to project information and opportunities, voice their questions and concerns and contribute to the environmental assessment and revitalization process.

Our outreach strategy implemented two-way communications through a well-publicized meeting held at the offices of a local environmental justice action group to ensure that all residents could actively participate in the project. As a result, C+G's outreach penetrated deeper into the communities making the process inclusive of all those impacted regardless of race, culture and income. An important component of the communications program was a bilingual brochure mailed to all residents in the area of Brownfields site. The brochure introduced brownfields, the project, and the environmental assessment process to the residents which helped to greatly increase understanding, reduce concerns and gain community acceptance.

Success Stories

Effective Communications and Outreach for an Award-Winning Brownfields Project

C+G managed an integrated communications campaign for a Brownfields project in Massachusetts. The project was designed to create a new urban "gateway" through the cleanup and redevelopment of 55 acres of land located in the second largest city in New England.

Plans called for the redeveloped site to spark economic renewal through new business opportunities, new jobs and additional tax revenue for the city. C+G worked with the project partners to communicate and obtain support for the vision for and revitalization of the area, developing and implementing a media relations program, executing community and government relations activities and creating campaign collateral. Today the site is home to a mixed-use area whose centerpiece is a 25,000 square-foot Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center. To draw further attention to this model of brownfields remediation and urban redevelopment, C+G prepared and submitted several award applications resulting in EPA's Phoenix award, the Environmental Business Council of New England's EBEE award for Brownfields Project of the Year, the U.S. Department of Commerce's Excellence in Economic Development Award. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts also designated Gateway Park as the anchor for the state's first Growth District, an initiative that expedites permitting for development-ready areas - for both new and future development.

Success Stories

Promoting What's in Store for Energy Efficiency and Conservation

We led a program to promote energy efficiency and sustainability programs for a leading regional grocery retailer. With 558 stores in ten states and the District of Columbia, more than 82,000 associates and an estimated 465 million transactions in a year, our client had a unique opportunity to set an example for and inspire behavior changes in associates, customers, and suppliers.

We developed and executed a highly successful campaign that included media relations strategy; legislative outreach; relationship building activities with NGOs and other key stakeholders; special events; presentations and speeches; and a customer-friendly CSR report. Our efforts helped position the client as an industry leader on key efficiency and conservation initiatives including ENERGY STAR Leader, SmartWay Transport Partnership and LEED for existing buildings.

Success Stories

Campaign Proves to be Prescription for Success

C+G launched a statewide prescription drug information and referral service for a respected college of pharmacy and health sciences. The goals of the campaign were to inform qualified state residents about this new branded resource for uninsured, underinsured and elderly patients needing assistance acquiring prescription drugs; encourage them to call the toll-free resource hotline number; and increase recognition within the state healthcare industry of this new resource as a dependable and valued service.

The campaign, which included bilingual (English and Spanish) media relations, brochures, and public service announcements, met with overwhelming success. After only six months of service, the program had far exceeded its goal of inbound phone calls and the campaign was placed on hold for a short time in order to allow the client to respond to the overwhelming number of inquiries it had received.