Success Stories

Strategic Plan and Media Relations for Improved Reputation of Superfund Site Restoration

C+G provided communication strategy for the restoration of a Superfund site. Before C+G was hired, the companies had for years been receiving a significant amount of negative media coverage and news organizations routinely misconstrued their role with the site, as well as the intricacies of cleanup regulation laws. The coalition of companies who took on this restoration bear the responsibility of the cost and maintenance of the site, despite playing no direct role in polluting the area. In short, there were two "cleanup" jobs at the site: the site itself and the reputation of those who were paying the freight and doing the work.

C+G developed a strategic communications plan, prepared a crisis communications plan, developed a website, media kit and social media presence, and managed day-to-day media relations operations. We also worked with the client and their lawyers to develop messages that clearly stated the law and the reality of the work being done. Positive media coverage resulted from a series of meetings and calls with media outlets to educate them about the facts and update them on developments at the site. Our staff also defended cases where journalists reported inaccurately. With our help, they are now accurately referred to as the "customers" of the former facility rather than the polluters, and are seen as a positive force in site maintenance and in the neighborhood and larger community. Neighbors have told the media that they are impressed by the openness, transparency and ease in obtaining information about activities taking place and planned at the site.

Although it will take decades to clean the pollution left by the former operators, C+G was instrumental in restoring the reputation of those who have spent so much to clean up the mess.