Success Stories

Research and Communication Program Development to Address Workplace Concern

C+G led an effort for one of the largest US employers to address workplace concerns that employees highlighted on annual surveys. First, C+G conducted a communications audit, focus groups and individual interviews with managers and employees at facilities throughout the US to explore the disconnect between information provided to different levels and types of employees. Subsequently, C+G conducted further qualitative research to obtain in-depth information regarding the concerns raised, including facility and region specific issues. In both the first and second phases, C+G compiled comprehensive reports and provided policy and program recommendations.

During its research, C+G found that poor communications between managers and employees contributed significantly to how employees perceive problems. Among its recommendations, C+G proposed communications training and piloted a system of employee/manager roundtables to head off problems before they begin.

C+G's work produced results - uncovering the causes of workplace problems and identifying measures to improve the workplace. Although change will take time in such a large organization, managers embraced the workplace initiatives and understand that their ability to improve employee job satisfaction will help them increase revenue and enhance customer service.