Success Stories

Public Outreach to Ensure an Equal Voice for All

We led a comprehensive public outreach effort for U.S. EPA Brownfields Demonstration Pilot that helped ensure socially and economically disadvantaged residents had equal access to project information and opportunities, voice their questions and concerns and contribute to the environmental assessment and revitalization process.

Our outreach strategy implemented two-way communications through a well-publicized meeting held at the offices of a local environmental justice action group to ensure that all residents could actively participate in the project. As a result, C+G's outreach penetrated deeper into the communities making the process inclusive of all those impacted regardless of race, culture and income. An important component of the communications program was a bilingual brochure mailed to all residents in the area of Brownfields site. The brochure introduced brownfields, the project, and the environmental assessment process to the residents which helped to greatly increase understanding, reduce concerns and gain community acceptance.